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re: App: Zeavs

The application submitted by Zeavs is as follows:

Personal Information


Please provide your Real ID so we can easily contact you:
Never had an guild ask for Real ID



Character information

Please provide a wow armory link to your character:

List Your Main Spec:

Can you play any other specs at a progression level? And are you comfortable switching spec if required?:
I can always switch to Vengence if needed because I know how to play the spec because I ussually play the spec in M+ and switch often between vengece and havoc.

Please provide a link to current Warcraft logs if you have any:

We use the following addons for raiding: DBM or Bigwigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras, RCLootCouncil. You must have these ready for raid, do you understand?:

History & Experience

What is your previous raid experience? Please list all relevant content for at minimum the current and previous expansion, and if the experience was on another character please provide armory links:
I've been playing since legion but didn't start raiding until BoD where I there after joined a progression guild. Where we are currently 8/8 Heroic and 3/8 M

What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Safety not Guaranteed and why did you leave them? Can we contact any officers from your previous guild(s)?:
I'm in Preatorian Guards which is located on the Terenas-EU. I wanna leave the guild because currently the raid team is falling apart and I feel like we're making no proggression and won't be doing for the foreseeable future. The guild had next to none of a social atmosphere which made it very boring betweens raids. I was never on bad terms with any of the members. The officers of the guild doesn't have any problems with my as I know off.

Why did you choose to apply to Safety not Guaranteed?:
I choose to apply to safety not guaranteed because this is one of the few guilds on the realm which can get higher than Ashvane and is high on the leader bords on the emerald dream. I looked on the guild leader bords and saw that you were recruiting. Reading the "Want we want from you" makes it seem like a more disciplined guild and inturn a higher chance of success, I would say.

What can you bring to Safety not Guaranteed?:
I will bring a social attitude in and outside of raids, I will listen to raid lead aswell and take criticism to help me improve in the game if needed. I come prepared to raids with good understanding of the bosses and how to fight them aswell with a mindset of how to improve and become better.

Are you applying to any other guilds at the moment?:


Do you have a mic and are you able to talk on Discord if needed during raids?:

Are you comfortable communicating in English, both speaking via Discord and in guild/raid chat?:


Do you know anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? If yes, who?:
No I dont know anyone from the guild


We raid on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 20.00 till 23.00 (servertime). Can you attend +80% of the raids?:

If you are going to miss any of these days or be late, please explain why:
I'm not going to miss raid if it is not an emergency in real life otherwise I will be able to make it to every raid

Have you read the guild rules/requirements?:

Do you have anything else to add?:
Hopefully I'l get an answear sooner rather than later ;D

Thank you for applying to Safety not Guaranteed! We will be contacting you soon™. Please check back regularly for comments/queries, and do allow us up to a week to review your application Happy

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re: DECLINED - App: Zeavs - by - Beth


Hi Linus,

Thanks for the app. We’ll discuss and have an answer for you soon.

As for realid it’s so we can contact you regarding your application, otherwise we really have no way of reaching you unless you are regularly checking back here. You can add me if you’d like at Joana#2806


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