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re: DECLINED - App: Glik - by Ser3nity_


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the app. We've just added another healer to our roster so unfortunately we don't have a healing spot anymore. However we'd be open to trialing as balance if that is something you're interested in and feel you would be able to play a high level.

Let us know what you think,


Kilg VII

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re: App: Glik

The application submitted by Glik is as follows:

Personal Information


Please provide your Real ID so we can easily contact you:



Character information

Please provide a wow armory link to your character:

List Your Main Spec:

Can you play any other specs at a progression level? And are you comfortable switching spec if required?:
Very basic DPS, as I have healed for over 10 years

We use the following addons for raiding: DBM or Bigwigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras, RCLootCouncil. You must have these ready for raid, do you understand?:

History & Experience

What is your previous raid experience? Please list all relevant content for at minimum the current and previous expansion, and if the experience was on another character please provide armory links:
I have played WoW since the burning crusade (the magical Kharazan was my very first raid), and since after the first 6 months I started playing as a healer on a guild called Emerald Dream (Zuljin) where we were the 2nd guild on the server (behind a horde guild). I've raided with them all the way to Sartharion 3 drakes, the got recluted to the 1st guild in the Spanish servers, Perception, where I've done all the content up to ICC. I had the most fun in those times advancing and raiding insane amount of hours (up to 5h x4 times a week). But we grow, responsibilities come along and I had to leave Wow, until 2 months ago, where I found myself empty of gaming entertainment.

What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Safety not Guaranteed and why did you leave them? Can we contact any officers from your previous guild(s)?:
Not really any as all my friends were gone, I've played with a few to progress but nothing serious. Previously (10 years ago) I was in Perception - Dun Modr, and Emerald Dream - Zul jin

Why did you choose to apply to Safety not Guaranteed?:
You guys seem to have a stable core with good progress, and great time table for me

What can you bring to Safety not Guaranteed?:
Loads of friendly and high end game play, the dedication and the passion to progress.

Also a warrior tank alter. Everyone needs a tank :D

Are you applying to any other guilds at the moment?:


Do you have a mic and are you able to talk on Discord if needed during raids?:

Are you comfortable communicating in English, both speaking via Discord and in guild/raid chat?:


Do you know anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? If yes, who?:


We raid on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 20.00 till 23.00 (servertime). Can you attend +80% of the raids?:

Have you read the guild rules/requirements?:

Do you have anything else to add?:
We'll as you can see my current experience is 5/8 Mythic (Uldir), and 7/9 HC (with my warrior) due to the fact that I've levelled the druid and had to gear him within 2 months the bets way I could since I've restarted playing (Mythic plus, Assaults, and so on) as well as my alter warrior (394 So it was a bit difficult to join a guild, with no logs, or experience, but I found one 6/8 with no much hope for this Raid, as I joined late. However this has been my second week, and so far with no prior experience (LFR, Normal or HC), I've managed to do quite well taking into account the above.

I would really like to be considered as a rest as I have a lot of experience, stability and passion for the game.

With the new raid out I think I'd be a great fit for Safety Not Guaranteed

Thank you for applying to Safety not Guaranteed! We will be contacting you soon™. Please check back regularly for comments/queries, and do allow us up to a week to review your application Happy

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