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re: DECLINED - App: Aurlyion - by Ser3nity_



Unfortunately we haven’t got a retri spot atm. Also we are an EU guild not US.

Good luck finding a suitable raiding guild


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re: App: Aurlyion

The application submitted by Aurlyion is as follows:

Personal Information


Please provide your Real ID so we can easily contact you:



Character information

Please provide a wow armory link to your character:

List Your Main Spec:

Can you play any other specs at a progression level? And are you comfortable switching spec if required?:
I have always been Ret. Since back in Mop when it first started to become my main. I have played all specs and I usually tank when I need to just for fast ques or so.

We use the following addons for raiding: DBM or Bigwigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras, RCLootCouncil. You must have these ready for raid, do you understand?:

History & Experience

What is your previous raid experience? Please list all relevant content for at minimum the current and previous expansion, and if the experience was on another character please provide armory links:
Previous raid experience would have to be always getting aotc first week. And from there just downing first couple bosses of Mythic.

What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Safety not Guaranteed and why did you leave them? Can we contact any officers from your previous guild(s)?:
I have been In my Real life best friend of 13 years guild for as long as I can remember with a bunch of friends that have known eachother for years. We have always played WoW together for as long as I can remember. But I have always been more active and more intense about the game then anyone else in the guild considering World of warcraft is basically my life haha. And for the first time in years. My good friend decided after we cleared heroic first week and almost 3 of 8 mythic.. he was going to take his leave and done with the game. Real life problems other issues. So for the first time in Years I am taking my leave to finally find a guild that I feel like such a ridiculously dedicated player as myself belongs in.I also want to add so its not a question. We had logs in our guild of course and parses every single week we did raid. I do not currently have any on me at the time being Considering past weeks I have just been pugging pugging and more pugging mythic and heroic. So i usually just massacre it then bail.

Why did you choose to apply to Safety not Guaranteed?:
I chose to apply to this guild. Because seeing you guys being one of the top guilds on the server how dedicated you are. your own website your mythic kills and progression. I feel like its just the perfect fit for me. Im way too dedicated to this game then I should be. I am on constantly every single day and night and if by some miracle I am not. Something serious must be going down. I have always stuck by my best friend and his guild he wanted to make since we were younger. No matter the fact that I was always the top player always felt i had so much more potential and at times that i was wasting it in with people that only log in on raid days or 2 days a week. And i finally decided I need a guild that actually has the same mind set as me and wants to be the best period.I also want to add so its not a question. We had logs in our guild of course and parses every single week we did raid. I do not currently have any on me at this time considering all the fallout that happened and the guild dispersing weeks and weeks ago. So currently I have been pugging the mythic raid whenever I can and spamming the heroic each week also. But as I have been playing and trying out for other guilds and joining there raids and doing heroic over and over and over again and only doing the first two bosses in mythic nonstop it has been getting to the point where I just want more. Especially for the new raid. Im sick of limiting myself to Only spamming heroic and first two bosses of mythic so the guilds I have been trying out for and wanting me on there team. It just hasnt felt right. I have yet to find a guild that has the dedication as much as I do and the drive to not fail and not give up period.

What can you bring to Safety not Guaranteed?:
I can bring everything I have. My dedication for one. I am always online I am always doing anything and everything in this entire game as much as i possibly can. I never miss a raid day I never miss an event or anything ever going on period. I am always there and someone that every single person can rely on no matter the day time or the cause. I just have so much to actually offer to a high end guild and I just feel like it would be the perfect fit Im the type of person where im not going to give up period if we are working to down a boss for hours on end i will not leave or want to quit until the very last person leaves. And that was always one of my other biggest problems with the guild my friend ran for all these years. They only went for a certain time frame. Only did raids on tuesdays and thursdays for about 3 hours. And in order to be the best thats nowhere close to enough or good enough if you want to be the best on the server you go until you down it period. And thats what Im all about.Because there is no better feeling then that.I also am a very advid runner in mythic pluses 1000raider io score on pally. and 900 some on my warrior. Also have 5 diff alt 120s on the server as well. And Im also a very advid pvp player myself with 2100. rankings plus. Pretty much everything and anything i do in this game from achivement grinding to mount collecting also.

Are you applying to any other guilds at the moment?:


Do you have a mic and are you able to talk on Discord if needed during raids?:

Are you comfortable communicating in English, both speaking via Discord and in guild/raid chat?:


Do you know anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? If yes, who?:
I have many good friends that can vouch for me. All of them actually left the guild and followed me when I did. But Im finally trying to be off on my own and Join something actually super serious where I belong instead of letting them hold me back now from my fulll potential as an actual mythic raider.


We raid on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 20.00 till 23.00 (servertime). Can you attend +80% of the raids?:

If you are going to miss any of these days or be late, please explain why:
I am perfectly fine and set on all of these days. Np at all.

Have you read the guild rules/requirements?:
Yes I did.

Do you have anything else to add?:
I have been playing this game since vanilla. And I have never been more dedicated to something In my life. When I play this game i always have pushed myself to be the best at every single thing it has to offer and always one of the first. From just this Xpac being top 4 Ret paladins in the entire server for the azerite neck level and just doing everything this game has to offer the moment it does. WoW is my life. And im ready to finally make the final push to find the actual home where I belong with all the players just like me.Im sorry for some of the super long sentences I have been typing. But this game is my life. And stuff like this pretty much means everything to me. So I wanted to get my point across. I still feel like theres some stuff im missing or leaving out but this will have to do Happy. Thank you guys so much for even taking the time out to review all of this. Ill be eagerly waiting a response!. Thank you again.

Thank you for applying to Safety not Guaranteed! We will be contacting you soon™. Please check back regularly for comments/queries, and do allow us up to a week to review your application Happy

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