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re: APPROVED - App: Elrathiene - by Ser3nity_


Hi Peter, thanks for the application. We'd like to offer you a trial spot, you can add myself Joana#2806 or GM Kitty#2896 for an invite to the guild.

A trial will typically last 2 weeks, during which you may be swapped out during progression bosses as we see fit. This will give us a chance to evaluate your performance and you a chance to see if the guild suits you. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask here or in game and we'll get back to you. Look forward to hearing from you.

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re: App: Elrathiene

The application submitted by Elrathiene is as follows:

Personal Information




Describe yourself as a person, in and out of game::
I live in Warsaw with my best friend. I go to college every two weeks (Saturday&Sunday). Im pretty chill guy who dont raging at all. I like improving my self in games and real life. I like playing computer and video games on ps4 .

Character information

Character name::

Demon Hunter

What is your mainspec?:

What is your offspec?:


General information

Do you know anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? If yes, who?:
I dont know anyone yet.

Provide a world of logs-report::

Are you comfortable playing your offspec?:
Not really

Would you change your offspec if the guild needs it?:

How do you keep up-to-date with classchanges?:
I reading wowhead, mmochampions and icy veins for latest patch notes once a weak atleast.

Do you use any addons? If yes, what addons do you use?:
yes, im using:
-shadowed unit frames
-mythic plus timer

What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Safety not Guaranteed and why did you leave them? Can we contact any officers from your previous guilds?:
This is my first serious apply to guild. Im now in Enigmates and i join them just asking in game chat could i join them. Im with them like 4 months now. Its hard decision for me cause i really like them but Im ambitious person and want to do all things on highest difficult. I really want to try that im good enought to be part of progress mythic guild. I think u can contact any officer for more info (Predsz or Xandrii).

Why did you choose to apply to Safety not Guaranteed?:
Im looking for progress mythic guild to try my both skilss (invidual and team work). Also saw on wowprogress u are 3rd guild on serwer and looking for dps right now.

What can you bring to Safety not Guaranteed?:
I think i can bring decent dps on my ilvl. Im also very active player so i can help someone with mythic + or quest.
Also my attitude, never giving up and want to improve.

Are you applying to any other guilds at the moment?:

What is your previous raid experience? (make sure to list everything: previous expansions, progressed on different characters (if so give us a link to that character), etc etc):
i started my WoW adventure in Wotlk but i dont raiding at all just level up some characters and playing for fun with friends. Also played in Cata and Pandaria but same thing i dont raid at all. I miss WoD and started playing again at the beginning of January with my Demon Hunter. I join Enigmates and then my raiding journey beggins. For now i done 7/7 HC 6/7 M EN, 3/3 HC ToV, 10/10 HC 1/10 M Nighthold.

We raid on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday from 20.00 till 23.00 (servertime). Can you attend +/- 80% of the raids?:
Yep its good days for me.

We use TeamSpeak during our raids. Are you able to use Teamspeak? Are you comfortable talking during raids?:
Yes Im able to use Ts3, i can talk and prefer talking when its needed.

Have you read the guild rules/requirements?:

Do you have anything else to add?:
Hmm. What can i add that i watched all Mythic Nighthold fights on youtube couple of times but i think study from playing and learning fight (not standard mechanics) by myslef is the best. About my offspec i got tank spec at 901 ilvl but i prefer using tank on less challening activites like dungeons/mythic+. On raids i prefer dps beacouse i feel more comfortable on my Havoc spec.

Thank you for applying to Safety not Guaranteed! We will be contacting you soon for a vocal conversation on TS as explained in the guildrules/requirements! Do allow us up to a week to review your application tho Happy

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