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re: Guild rules / requirements



This is what we expect of every member of the guild!

  • Everyone is and always will be equal in this guild so people should treat others the same way you expect to be treated!
  • Be mindfull that you are wearing the guild name, so outside of guild treat people with respect. It will give the guild a bad reputation and/or in time result in a removal from the guild (if complaints occur).
  • Don't offend guildies or non-guildies in any shape or form it will in time result in a last warning before being removed.


We expect the following of our raiders:

  • Be ready to raid at 19.45 (Server Time) at the raid instance!
  • Have your own pots/flasks/buff food and use the highest gems or foodbuffs available
  • Have enough gold to repair (if guildrepairs are maxed for that day/no guildrepairs are on) 
  • Read up on boss tactics BEFORE we start progression
  • Have specific addons if needed (RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakaura, etc...)
  • Have 80+% attendance
  • If you can't make a raid, notify one of the officers and adjust ur status on calendar (NEVER put urself Tentative before notifying an officer what it means, we don't read minds and we like to know!)
  • Sign up to the raids on calendar at latest the day before the raid
  • Help each other out, be constructive on feedback
  • Keep up to date with your own class: abilities, enchants, talents, etc ...
  • Be on TS during raids and talk when needed
  • Be available / contactable at all times if sitting out for a fight


What can we offer you!

  • Friendly and active players
  • A guild set on progression
  • Raids that are fun and relaxed but focused when needed!



  • Fill in your application to the best of your abilities
  • With the question "have you read the guild rules" => answer with 'trolls'!
  • After you fill in your application we will review your application and get back to you asap. (which could take up to 1 week)



  • Your trial will last 2 weeks (in most cases) - unless we feel the need to see a bit more of you then your trial will be extended for maximum 2 weeks. 
  • During your trial you can tell us (by writing on the forum) what bosses you need, and we'll do our best to swap you in so atleast you could coin on that boss or get the item if no raiders needs it for their mainspec ofcourse :)



  • Lootmaster
    • Our lootmaster is Nelfaya/Noxxus, she/he will hand out the loot with the help of the lootcouncil existing of 2 raiders who have the rank "Loot Council". They will be looking at stat priorities, attendance, ur current ilvl overall/the item equipped. For offspecs the following people will have priority as we use those offspecs for the raidteam incase one has to swap.
      • Tanking: Nyadyia
      • Dpsing: Tornador > Thoosa
      • Healing: Malantura 
  • Addon
    • The addon RCLootCouncil will be mandatory, we don't use the EPGP system, just the addon to see who needs and who doesn't as it's fairly simple so make sure to have installed that addon! (
    • When loot drops you will get several options use them as following:
      • NEED: it's a major upgrade for you (has better stats, it's an upgrade from normal to heroic or mythic or heroic to mythic)
      • MINOR: it's a minor upgrade for you (you got the item already but this one is warforged or socketed or an item doesn't have the right stats but its still an upgrade)
      • OFFSPEC: if you can use it for you're secondary spec then press this, however ppl that have offspecpriority as listed above will get priority
      • TRANSMOG: speaks for itself
  • Loot priority
    • Mainspec Raider > Trial > Alts / Socials
    • Offspec Raider (offspec being used for raids) > Raider (offspec not being used for raids) > Trial > Alts / Socials
    • Transmog
  • BoE's
    • Will go to mainspec only, and has to be directly equipped.
    • BoE's drop randomly so we have the following rule if this remains:
      • You may keep it for personal use if it is an upgrade for your character, provided you equip it immediately. (NOT to sell it for gold, use on alt).
      • You hand it over to the lootmaster which will result in the item being rolled with the lootaddon we use to see who can use it. (Note: if you can use it yourself you will get priority on that item, yes even as a trial as it initially dropped for you!) // If no one can use this item it will get sold on the auctionhouse for guildbank gold (when the item gets sold 75% of the amount will go to the guildbank and 25% will go to the player that it dropped for as a thank you for giving it out to the guild) 
  • Patterns (if available)
    • Will be going to predifined raiders. If it drops again everybody can roll for it, giving prio to raiders over trials.
    • Predifined raiders:
      • Alchemy: 
      • Blacksmithing: Joana
      • Enchanting: Nelfaya
      • Engineering: 
      • Inscription: Tierdra > Eckez
      • Jewelcrafting: Joana
      • Leatherworking: 
      • Tailoring: 
  • Vanity items (mounts or pets)
    • Will be rolled for by everybody who wants it, but excluding trials. If it has a guaranteed drop (like a mount from last boss) we might change the way we give it out (like give it to people who have been there the most etc...), in that case we will announce that before we kill the boss involved. (NOTE: If you won this mount do NOT sell it within the guild or outside of the guild, you won this by guildeffort so you use it. If you wanna sell it and gain profits on you're own you shouldn't be doing this as a guildgroup)
  • Mats to craft gear with will be going to the guild bank.
  • Items to Disenchant will be going to the predifined raider for Enchanting.
  • If there are people helping out our main run (eg friend or openraid):
    • If a non guildie wants the item we will let everyone that wants the item roll on it by the default blizzard roll window. If the non guildie wins the item grats to them! If however a guildie wins the item the lootmaster will then define who it will go to amongst all guildies rolling, so it might well be that the guildie winning will not receive the item.



  • Guildrepairs:
    • We try to keep the guildrepairs going, but if the guild runs low on gold we will turn them off.
    • It would be helpfull if the people in the guild could help out with the guildchallenges (dungeons, cmodes, etc..) to keep the guildgold flowing!
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